Benefits Of Serviced Apartments

People are frequently unaware of the difference between serviced apartments and hotels and the significant benefits of serviced apartments. The privacy and facilities provided by serviced apartments allow business travellers to opportunity to experience that home away from home feeling, whether for a short or long period of time. Serviced apartments are also more cost effective than equivalent hotel accommodation.

1. Privacy

Most apartments we provide, offer two – three times a week maid service, which is enough to make sure that your serviced apartment stays clean. Some also offer 24-hour porter/concierge services to make sure you are safe and well provided for at all times during your stay, but few enough to mean you won’t have your privacy interrupted. Given the extra available, you are able to organise your apartment into separate areas for work, play and sleep with the piece of mind of not being disturbed.

2. Space

Serviced apartments are, on average, 30-40% larger than hotel rooms. It’s what you get within that space that has drastically increased the demand for serviced apartments. All the apartments have fully equipped kitchen facilities and a living area, so they provide separate areas for cooking, sleeping and unwinding, just like at home. We offer everything from studios, one, two, three, four and penthouse apartments.


Hotels Vs Serviced Apartments

3. Flexibility

Fully equipped kitchen facilities at our serviced apartments means you can cook whatever you feel like making, from a three-course meal to a midnight snack; or even dine out at nearby restaurants, whenever you like, just like you would at home. Entertaining guests with a larger space becomes far easier and less abrupt. This means you can hold meetings with clients in your living room, or even work at the apartment. You could even invite your friends and family over for the night; many of our apartments have sofa beds!

4. Cost

Serviced apartments involve fewer extra charges and are cheaper than hotels for a number of reasons. All serviced apartments feature either a kitchen or a kitchenette, cutting costs on restaurant and room service bills. While most hotels charge for Internet at an additional cost, all of our apartments provide it free of charge. Furthermore, the longer your stay in a serviced apartment, the cheaper the rate will generally be and if your stay exceeds 28 nights, VAT drops from 20% to just 4%.

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